Perfect A-line sleevless neck floor-length prom dress L92109

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A-line strapless taffeta short prom dress.

Beading around the waist.

this dress features a bodice with a unique geometric design.

About Us

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How To Choose Accessories for Prom

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If your prom night is coming up, you’ve probably already given some thought to what you are going to wear. You may feel strongly about what kind of dress you want to find, but don’t forget about accessorizing the gown you have chosen. Here’s how to choose accessories for prom:
1. Buy the dress first. Yes, it can be tempting to buy an amazing clutch or pair of shoes first, but then you’ll be stuck trying to match the dress to theaccessories you’ve already chosen. It’s much easier to choose the dress first and then find appropriate accessories for it.
2. Shoes. Your next step is to find shoes. Keep the hemline of your dress in mind for these. If the dress is nearly too short, you don’t want to choose a pair of four-inch heels, or the dress will really look too short. On the other hand, if the dress is just a hair too long, a tall pair of heels can help keep the hem from dragging on the ground all evening. No matter what style you choose, they should be comfortable enough to wear all evening.
3. Match the color to your dress. Make sure that the color of accessories you choose does not clash with your dress. For example, if your dress has gold detailing, it will probably look strange if all of your jewelry is silver. These principles are the same as choosingaccessories for any other outfit. You probably shouldn’t try to match the exact color of your dress with your jewelry, clutch, and shoes. Instead, choose a complementary color, such as one that is darker or lighter than the dress, or a neutral such as a metallic, cream, or black. Stay in the same color family as your dress, or use the color of the trim or detailing. You can match the accessory colors to each other, or to your dress.
4. Choose the right style. If your dress is simple, you can either keep your accessories simple, or choose a very unique accessory that will stand out against the dress. The right clutch for prom should be relatively small; you don’t want to carry a large purse with you all night. You may opt for a clutch style or one with a thin strap so that you can wear it over your shoulder.
5. Don’t choose competing accessories. For example, if your dress has a lot of metallic detailing at the neckline, a long necklace can compete with this. Likewise, don’t wear big earrings and a large necklace at the same time. Do not go overboard piling on jewelry, or it will look gaudy.
6. Don’t forget your hair. For prom night, you may want to find a jeweled clip or some other unique hair accessory. This depends on how you plan to style your hair; your hairstylist can help you determine what would be appropriate.
There are no hard and fast rules when choosing prom dress accessories. Pick what you like, and make sure that you think they match with your dress and with each other. You have plenty of options when it comes to shoes, jewelry, and clutches for prom.

How Long Should Your Prom Dress Be?

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So, you’ve decide to go shopping for prom dresses, formal dresses, or cocktail dresses—and you’re excited. You know exactly what you’re looking for, but you also kind of considering buying short dresses instead, since they’re in right now.

However, the line between appropriate and inappropriate is oftentimes forgotten when it comes to prom dresses. The question is—how do you know what is considered appropriate and what should you do. You need to understand that you shouldn’t try and get away with ridiculously short dresses. You also need to know that in most cases, you can simply look in your school’s code of conduct to understand what type of skirts are inappropriate and what kinds of skirts are not.

First of all, all skirts must pass the fingertips. If you have short arms, then they may ask you to do the flamingo test. It generally depends on what type of skirt that you are wearing and how it looks. Most of the time, your best bet is to keep your skirt at least three quarters of the way down your leg. If you find that it rides up for any reason, you should consider increasing that length. If you have any doubts about a dress, call up your class sponsor. They are more than willing to help you pick out an appropriate dress.

Why You Should Bring A Shawl With Your Prom Dress

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It’s the day of prom and you’ve picked out your choice of prom dresses, or formal dresses or any other kind of dresses that you can think of. You’re super excited about your outfit and you just can’t wait to go. However, once you get there, you’re told that your short dresses are too short or that you should have brought a jacket because of the back of your dress. So, you’re a tiny bit upset and you aren’t sure what you should have done, but now you’re out of a bit of money and you have no plans for the night.

The good thing about shawls is that they can take inappropriate prom dresses and make them the picture of modesty. Not only do they help to make them more appropriate, but they also have the upside of adding a touch of elegance to any dress.

Decide on what type of shawl you should wear based on the colors and complexity of your dress. If you have a very fancy, very decorative dress, choose a simpler shawl and vice versa. As for color, you should leave your shawls neutral—it makes it a lot easier to mix and match them and then you can use your shawl with outfits other than prom dresses or other dresses that are that color.

How To Decorate For Prom For Prom Committees

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Decorating for prom is no small task, from covering the basic elements to coordinating a theme to recruiting adequate labor.

Magical and promising, prom is a social rite of passage for many high school students. A prom’s success largely depends on decorations - a primary responsibility for the student prom committee. Far more than an ordinary dance, prom requires an elaborate setting, including specialized lighting, banners, backdrops, and props. With careful planning and meticulous attention to detail, a prom committee can easily orchestrate an extravagant event that is the highlight of the school year.

Prom Decorations: Covering the Basics

Prom is expensive, often costing thousands of dollars to rent a site, purchase decorations, reserve a band or DJ, hire a photographer and security, print tickets and programs, and arrange refreshments. Ten to twenty percent of a typical prom budget is dedicated to decorations, and certain basic elements must be arranged for a memorable evening.

Before decorations are chosen, the committee must survey the dance site and note any restrictions. Many sites will not allow staples, nails, or tape on the walls, and candles may not be permitted because of fire concerns. Drawing a site diagram helps decoration planners: include dimensions, restroom locations, the dance floor, seating area, band area, and other site details to engineer an effective decorating scheme.

The entrance is the first impression guests have of the event. Potted plants, floor lights, and carpeting can be used to create a memorable entrance and an arch or garland creates a stunning entryway. Arches can be a trellis, floral garland, balloon sculpture, or stage set, and often incorporate the school’s name, date, or mascot.

To create a romantic, magical mood, lighting should be subdued. If a site already uses chandeliers that is a great starting point, but large, florescent lights are more common and should be dimmed or left off altogether. To dim lights, consider creating a balloon ceiling or covering them with colored paper or tissue. Candles, twinkle lights, disco lights, and strobes create different subtle moods. A photographer, usually stationed near the entrance to take formal portraits, will need adequate lighting and may supply his own fixtures.

Banners are a staple prom decoration. Decorative banners denote different areas of the event, including photography, restrooms, a prom court area, and other attractions. The school’s name, graduating class motto, prom title or theme, school year, and mascot are often featured on banners, many of which can be reused for different school events.

Hundreds of students will attend prom and plentiful seating is necessary. Intimate tables are great for breaks, refreshments, and chatting. Tables should seat an even number of people, and six or eight is the most common size. Simple cloths, decorative sprinkles such as confetti, glass rocks, or flower petals, and graceful centerpieces make each table a focal point for groups of friends. Centerpieces range from elaborate floral arrangements to candles, candy dishes, and custom figurines relating to the prom theme. Printed napkins with the school logo or monogram can be used as a functional yet decorative accent. Many proms also offer favors to each student, such as small picture frames or other commemorative trinkets placed on each table.

Prom seating can also include casual areas, such as benches or bean bags. When placed along the edges of the dance floor, in small corner groupings, or opposite a more formal seating area, casual seating allows students to relax and enjoy the evening no matter what their mood.

A key part to any prom is the arrangement of different sets and backdrops for photographs. Elaborate backdrops transform the most mundane site into a different world, and large canvases hide dull walls and cover unattractive features such as trophy cases, oversized windows with parking lot views, or bulletin boards. Several different backdrops can be used, including one neutral, formal setting for professional photographs, several tied into the theme, and at least one humorous or corny setting to give students multiple venues for memorable photographs.

Prom Decorations: Themes

From entrances to seating to backdrops, prom requires massive decorating efforts. Most schools coordinate each decoration into a theme, from exciting venues to romantic interludes. Popular themes include starry nights, Paris, fantasy, castles, art deco, underwater, Hollywood, Broadway, Mardi Gras, luau, casino, jungle, Egyptian, secret garden, memories, and school spirit. The theme is usually given a catchy title, such as “Stellar Fantasy,” “We’ll Always Have Paris,” or “Luck Be A Lady.” The title is used for programs, tickets, banners, and advertising to spread the word about what students can expect.

Prom decorating kits are available to make any theme a breeze. The kit typically contains an entrance banner, coordinating napkins, balloons, and small favors, as well as assembly instructions for backdrops and suggestions for additional details. While kits are expensive, they work well for smaller proms or committees without much time or outside assistance.

To create a theme from scratch, first choose an overall concept, such as luau or jungle. Then select appropriate colors for napkins, tablecloths, balloons, and other decorative accents. Different themes require different lighting: a casino works well with strobe lighting, while a Parisian café is more suited to candles or twinkle lights. Finally, brainstorm set and backdrop ideas and arrange to rent, purchase, or build different props to add realism and depth to the site. For example, a jungle theme not only requires jungle backdrops and curtains for photographs, but potted palms, mosquito netting, vines, and tropical flowers can be placed near doorways, along walls, and in corners to enhance the illusion of a different world.

Prom Decorations: Manpower

Prom decorations may take days or weeks to arrange, build, and set up. To spark interest in the prom, committees can recruit student labor to help build props, choose a theme, and raise money for necessary expenses. The student body can vote on a theme, a color scheme, whether to have a live band or a DJ, and other key issues, keeping everyone involved from the beginning of the school year. Art, drama, and shop classes can create props, while journalism classes can design programs and business classes can develop a budget. The more students involved, the lighter the committee’s workload.

The biggest project for the prom decorating committee is actually preparing the site. If possible, arrange to decorate the week before the prom, but note that some sites will charge extra because they won’t be able to use the room during that time. If it is necessary to decorate the day of the prom, meet at the site as early as possible so everyone has adequate time to change after decorating. To recruit manual labor, offer students discounted tickets or refreshments as incentives for their assistance, and don’t forget to arrange volunteers for cleanup if needed.

Lights, balloons, backdrops, banners, and props are only a few of the prom decorations that coordinate to create a magical evening of dancing, socializing, and fun. From starry nights to Mardi Gras to jungle fever, the only limit to a prom’s setting is the creativity of its committee.

Some online shopping tips for you to save money

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Some online shopping tips for you to save money.Here are good advices and procedures to follow:

1) Set aside some time when you can really dig in and search around for the best deals.

It does not matter whether you are looking to buy gifts for a loved one or you are online shopping for something a little less thrilling but necessary like the right professonal liability insurance, setting aside some time to compare deals is a must. One of the big conveniences of shopping online is that you don’t have to feel the rush or the pressure that you might in a traditional store. Still, you don’t want to rush yourself by not giving yourself enough time to compare deals.

2) Check to see if the price you are paying includes shipping and handling.

Some retailers use the trick of listing their prices without the shipping and handling readily available and this will make it seem like you are getting a better deal than you really are. You might be looking at a price of $ 399 for a refurbished LCD TV, but the shipping could be quite a big chunk of change as well. Make sure that you check for this when you are weighing out which deal is better than the other. So online shopping, shipping fee is an important actor.

3) Set yourself a budget that you are going to stick to BEFORE you sit down to go shopping online.

If you are really ready to save money, then you want to get into the practice of sitting down and setting a budget so that you don’t go overboard when deceide purchasing online shopping. With all of the benefits of being able to make purchases online, some people find that they tend to spend more money than they want to. All of that can be avoided just by sitting down and setting a budget for yourself.

Get His Attention

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Now that you have his attention, you’ll have to make conversation. You also want to get to know him. Okay he’s cute, but do you have anything in common? Is he good to you? Find out! Ask him some questions. Ask him something about him, sports, clothes, art, movies, music, current affairs, even school. Don’t start off the conversation talking about you. While I’m sure you’re very interesting, you want to know about him, don’t you?

Remember: even the coolest guys feel insecure about approaching girls; Not to mention asking them out.

It’s wise to know that some guys may feel uncomfortable about going to your prom for reasons other than you. Maybe they can’t dance, or they think they will look funny in a tuxedo.
He may also be wondering if he can afford all of this. Things can add up… the tickets, limousine, dinner, corsage, photos and who knows what else!
That’s why you have to get him talking. Find out if there is anything you can do to help. Then you can get him to ask you to the prom.

You hate his choice of Music, Movies, Sports, or Politics…

You found a guy you would like to get to know better. He’s cute and athletic but you notice an ICP sticker on his book bag. You Hate ICP. You think they’re repulsive. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure there are many ideas and opinions you have in common; find them. No need to zero in on one or two things you disagree on. And don’t make the common mistake of pretending to like things he likes just so he’ll like you. Besides, once you have him eating out of your hand you can introduce him to music you like…that is if he hasn’t got you hooked by then. Remember it is a two way street.

How To Choose a Men’s Dress Shirt

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Many men wear ill-fitting clothes all the time. It is often not the clothes themselves, but rather the fit of them that determines whether or not they look good. You probably are used to just buying shirts by chest size — S, M, L, XL, etc. But when buying a dress shirt you must also pay attention to the size of the neck opening, the length of the arms and the broadness of the shoulders. Never wear a poorly fitted shirt again.

1. Know what to look for when buying the shirt: The first step in narrowing down what shirt to buy is the material it is made out of. No one wears polyester anymore. An all cotton shirt is the best choice — not only will it allow your skin to breath better, but the way the fabric looks and hangs on your body is nicer than any synthetic fabric, in my opinion.
2. Determine the chest size first: This is the probably the most important size to be looking for, and it is probably the size most men mess up when buying shirts. Chances are that all your shirts are one (or maybe even two) sizes too big for your body. This may have been the style years ago, but today it is most certainly not. There is no need to have the fabric billow around your body like a tent.

Having said that, you also must be careful about comfort; it looks equally as awkward to have a shirt so small that anytime you move, the fabric pulls tight. It should just simply fit your chest. If you are slender, then ask for a European cut or a lightly tapered shirt that is brought in at your thinnest section. Don’t worry about being too feminine — it does not look like that at all, but only makes you look thinner. And who doesn’t want that? Admit it, you do.

Here’s a good way to know if it fits right: when it is tucked in, does it billow out at the top of your pants? If yes, then it is too big.

# Make sure the neck fits right: Any quality dress shirt will have the neck measurements printed on the label, but just for reference (or in case it doesn’t), you should be able to fit three fingers (no more, no less) in between the shirt and your neck when it is fully buttoned up, with out any trouble at all.
# Arm length is important too: If you plan to wear the shirt just by itself, with no jacket, then the bottom of the cuff can come only to the little indent right after your wrist bone. If you plan to wear the shirt with a jacket, then it should come a little further, about 1 1/2 inches past the indent after you wrist bone; this is so that a piece of the shirt will show even with your jacket on.

Make sure that when you outstretch your arms straight in front of you, the arms of the shirt don’t travel up too far. It is expected they will be a little shorter in this position, but they still need to be no further up the arm than your actual wrist bone, and they should not go further than the arms of the jacket do.

# Broadness of the shoulders: This is an easy one to measure because there will always be a seam where the arms are sewn onto the body of the shirt. Now imagine that your shoulder and your arm are perfectly flat and extend out and up to create a square shoulder. Wherever that corner would be is where the seam should rest. In other words, just slightly after you shoulder drops and begins to curve downward is where this seam needs to sit.

How To Buy Gold

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Are you asking yourself, “Why buy gold?” Or maybe you want to know how to buy gold for an investment. If you want to buy and sell gold, you probably already know that gold is money—actual money. Unlike stocks, bonds or even cash—which are really just representations of money—when youbuy gold or silver it has intrinsic value that can’t be wiped out by a currency crisis or a collapse in the stock market.

For this reason, buying gold is very popular. Many investors want to learn how to buy and sell gold for an investment. They see gold (both gold bullion and gold stocks) as an attractive way to add stability and diversity to a portfolio. When you buy gold, it doesn’t pay dividends, and it might not offer any thrilling price spikes; however, it’s valuable, liquid and traded globally 24 hours a day.

“Financially, owning physical gold is like owning real estate outright, mortgage-free,” says Adrian Ash, Head of Research for BullionVault, a gold trading and storage firm based in London. “Because, unlike stocks or bonds, no one else’s financial failure can wipe it out, and gold investing is all about defending your savings from others’ mistakes.” This is why some people believe making an investment in gold is a safe bet.

By now you probably want to know how to buy gold. And these gold-buying tips will help you buy and sell gold. From buying gold in its various forms and identifying the price of gold to learning whereto buy gold coins, bars and stocks, here’s how to buy gold for an investment.

How to Buy Gold Coins and Bars

The first thing a gold investor needs to decide when making an investment in gold is whether or not to own physical gold—gold you can see and touch—or to invest money in the gold market some other way. Buying gold and silver is more than just owning a bunch of gold jewelry or gold nuggets. If you want to own physical gold, you’ll need to learn howto buy gold coins and bars. Here is a beginner’s guide to buying gold coins and bars.

Surely, buying gold coins and gold bars to see the shine and sparkle of your investment is part of the thrill of owning actual gold. If youbuy gold bars or gold coins, however, you’ll also need to plan for additional costs, such as secure storage in a home safe or bank vault, as well as insurance. A gold bar or gold coin shouldn’t go unprotected. If you want to buy and sell gold bars or gold coins you’ll need to think about more than just security. When it comes time to sell the gold bars or gold coins, you’ll have to find a reputable buyer and deal with physically moving the gold bars or coins—either shipping them somewhere or bringing them to a local dealer.

With physical gold, the two most popular investment options are gold bullion coins and small gold bullion bars. Both a gold coin and gold bar are pure (or nearly pure) gold bullion, just shaped into a certain form. Gold coins come in a wide variety of sizes and weights, which makes them both more affordable and easier to sell than gold bars. Part of learning howto buy gold bullion, is learning how to sell gold later. This will affect the type of investment you make in gold. For example, depending on the price of gold, you may have to find one wealthy buyerto buy gold bullion in the form of a 10-ounce gold bar, whereas you could sell gold to several casual buyers if its in the form of 10 1-ounce gold coins. So if you’re worried about reselling a gold bar, buy some gold coins instead.

Also, because government mints issue gold coins, they’re harder to counterfeit; therefore, when buying gold coins, you may be more assured of the actual value. Keep this in mind when you sell gold bullion coins as well.

If you buy gold coins, be aware of the difference between gold bullion coins and “numismatic” gold coins. Numismatic coins are collector’s items because they are rare, old or minted as part of a special edition. When learning how to invest in gold, experts advise against buying collectible gold coins unless you’re looking for a way to combine gold investment with a gold coin hobby. Numismatic coins are for gold coin collectors, not for gold investors. Therefore the best gold coins to buy if you’re looking to sell them later are gold bullion coins.

“There can be a substantial premium for numismatic coins and collectible coins issued by mints around the world well above the current spot price for gold,” warns David Schraeder of the World Gold Council. If you’re trying to buy and sell gold coins, know that numismatic coins will be harder to resell, since your field of potential buyers is limited to coin collectors. (The “spot price,” mentioned above, is the price for delivery of physical gold, which in the gold market is two days from the trade date.)

The most popular gold bullion coins are American Eagles and Buffaloes, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics and Chinese Pandas. A gold buying tip is to keep the coins in their original packaging. When youbuy gold coins and don’t remove them from the package, they get less banged up over time and retain more value.

Solid bars of gold bullion come in sizes anywhere from one ounce—more a wafer than an actual bar—to one kilogram. Manufacturers of gold bars include Johnson Matthey Group, PAMP, The Perth Mint, Rand Refinery, and others. It’s important to know whereto buy gold bars because there have been cases of counterfeit gold bullion bars in which the center of the bar was tungsten or another metal, so make sure to deal with a reputable seller.

When you are buying gold bullion, you’ll see references to its purity, or fineness. This is the amount of actual gold in a coin, bar or piece of jewelry. Any piece of gold bullion less than 24 karats, or 999 parts per thousand, is mixed with another metal alloy. Eighteen-karat gold, for example, has 750 parts pure gold and 250 parts alloy per thousand. This will of course affect the price of gold as well as how much you can sell it for later.

When you buy gold bars, know that they are generally 999 or 995 parts per thousand of gold. And when you buy gold bullion coins, you can expect them to range from 917 parts per thousand for the South African Krugerrand and American Eagle to 999 parts per thousand for the Austrian Philharmonic and Canadian Maple Leaf. Higher purity might look brighter and more appealing right out of the package, but gold coins with other metal alloys tend to hold up better over time, since gold is a very soft metal.

You may see a “troy ounce” when buying gold bars or coins. Know that this is the standard weight in which gold is quoted in the international market, and is equal to 31.1035 grams. It was named for the old French city of Troyes, where there was an annual trading fair in medieval days. Buying gold coins and bars aren’t your only options for owning gold, though.

Other Options

If you want to know how to buy gold for an investment without actually buying gold bullion coins or bars, there are other options—you could buy gold stock, for example. You don’t need to see or touch your gold, to benefit from the stability of the gold market. In fact, if you’re looking for howto buy gold the safest way, these are some of your options. Oftentimes buying gold with the examples listed below means you can sell your gold far more easily—usually requiring only a phone call or access to your online investment account.

* Gold Accounts: If you want to own physical gold without the hassle of finding safe storage and insuring it, you can buy gold from a bank. Some banks now offer gold accounts, in which the gold is held for you in a secure vault somewhere (London or Zurich, for example). If you plan on buying gold bars or coins this way, know that gold accounts can be allocated (specific bars of gold belong only to you) or unallocated (you own the gold along with other investors).
* Mining Stock: You can also buy gold stock. How well a gold mining company does on the stock market tracks quite well with the price of gold. So if you buy gold stock shares in a mining company, it is another way to participate in the gold buying business without owning actual gold. More than 300 mining companies are listed and publicly traded on U.S. stock exchanges.
* Gold ETFs: Since the mid-200s, a number of banking firms have offered exchange-traded funds to gold buyers. Gold ETFs are backed either by physical gold that the firm has in secure storage, or by gold futures. Shares in these regulated financial products increase as gold prices increase. Shares are generally affordable and traded as easily as any other product on a stock exchange, so you’ll be able to easily sell your gold later.
* Futures and Options: Gold futures contracts are binding commitments to make or take delivery of a specified quantity and purity of gold, on a prescribed date, at an agreed gold price. When it comes to gold futures, you’ll need a stockbroker’s assistance to learn how to buy gold for an investment.

Whether you decide to go with gold coins or start buying gold from the stock market, you’ll find that patience is a virtue. And keep in mind how you plan to sell your gold when you purchase it. Ash says that over the last 10 years or so, “The only way to lose money has been to trade in and out, rather than simply taking a position and staying in. Few experts I know have timed the market well enough to beat the 16 percent average annual gain which gold has made since 2001.” Make your gold investment carefully and find the best gold price before you sell.

How Much to Invest

When learning how to buy gold for an investment, you may also be curious how much money to spend. Even if you plan to sell gold later, you’ll need a good amount of money to buy it first. Michael McGowan, author of “Financial Foghorn’s Guide to Gold,” says that when you decide to invest in gold, buy enough so that it equals about five percent of your total investments (assuming you can afford the current price of gold to buy that amount). Its stable, steady performance is generally unaffected by what’s going on in other markets, which makes it a good way to diversify your portfolio.

While there aren’t exactly ways to buy cheap gold, you may find that the best way to buy gold is to regularly allot money towards it. Most investors do well over the long term with dollar-cost averaging, says Ash. That means setting aside a fixed amount of money and investing it in gold on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly, for example). This can “smooth out” your overall purchase price. Depending on how much you have to set aside, this strategy might not be possible with buying gold coins or other physical forms of gold because the gold price per ounce can run $1,400 or so. Buy gold stock or consider a gold account, where you can buy by the gram, or an exchange-traded fund.

If you’re interested in buying gold, and this is the best way for you to do that, be aware of other costs besides the price of gold. When you buy gold stock, stock broker fees, storage, insurance, dealer commissions and taxes will all vary from buying gold bullion, so research those ahead of time.

“Fixed-fee charges (such as a stock broker’s) might make investing a lump sum more efficient than small but regular savings,” Ash says.

When to Buy

Should you work with a financial advisor to stay on top of the price of gold today? Sure, if you can find one who’s knowledgeable about the gold market and can advise you in buying gold stock. “Advisors, like most fund managers, are in the main only slowly coming round to the idea of gold investment,” Ash says. “It’s been left to independent writers on the Web to study the historical patterns [of the gold market]. That means there’s a lot of ill-informed sensationalism.”

To monitor your investment and stay on top of the price of gold, try reading market intelligence reports from the World Gold Council ( You should also keep an eye on the “spot price” of gold per Troy ounce at Kitco or BullionVault’s Websites to know roughly what you’ll be able to afford.

Twice a day, the biggest gold bullion banks in London (the center of the world’s wholesale gold market) meet to agree on a single price of gold to clear their outstanding orders. This is known as the London Fix. The fix is widely used as the benchmark for spot transactions throughout the market. The five members of the fix meet at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. London time.

Where to Buy

Now that you know how to buy gold bars, coins and stocks you’re probably wondering, “Where can we buy some gold?” Buying gold bullion or gold stock is more complex than just going down to a local jewelry store to buy gold and silver. Like many people, you probably want to find the best discount place to buy gold coins, but there’s more to it than that.

The World Gold Council can help you determine where to buy gold. They offer a list ( of reliable gold dealers around the world—both online sellers and brick-and-mortar shops so that you can find the best place to buy gold in your area. The Better Business Bureau can also help you find where to buy gold coins or bars from dealers with a clean reputation. Individual dealers’ outlooks on the future price of gold may vary, so don’t expect every dealer’s prices to be the same, and don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best price possible.

You don’t have to buy gold at a local shop. You can also buy gold online. In fact, for a lot of people, the Web is viewed as one of the best places to buy gold. Online retailers like Amazon and auction sites like eBay are another option, but do your homework ahead of time, since you won’t have a dealer to help you buy gold bars online. Know the type of gold you want to buy, and check the seller’s reputation and credentials before you buy gold online.

Know the Tax Implications Before You Make an Investment in Gold

You’ll need to keep in mind how you’ll be taxed when you buy and sell gold. Unlike other investments, gold doesn’t fall under the usual capital gains tax rate. If you own physical gold such as gold bars, or an ETF that is backed by physical gold, the Internal Revenue Service considers it a collectible rather than an investment—because it’s possible that you may buy gold jewelry to collect it. If that’s not incentive to buy gold and silver, what is?

However, if you’re going to learn how to buy gold bullion, you’re probably going to learn how to sell it as well. So before you go out and start buying gold the best way you know how, consider what will happen if you sell it. If you own gold for less than a year before you sell it, the money you earn is considered ordinary income and taxed accordingly. If you sell the gold after owning it for more than a year, the gains are taxed at a maximum rate of 28 percent. Compare that to the rate of 15 percent for most stock market investments.

This guide should help you learn all you need to know about buying gold. As Richard Smith writes, gold “Is the insurance you buy when you are not sure exactly what it is that you are insuring against.” And just as you would do before insuring your home, car or life, research how to buy gold bars, coins and stocks thoroughly before you insure the rest of your investments.

How To Know Famous Fashion Designers

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Fashion designers, unquestionably, are some of the most influential people in society, especially for the elite and high class. Here are some of the most famous and the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century.

1. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, Coco spent her early years of life in the orphanage of a Roman Catholic monastery where she learned how to sew. A classic rags-to-riches story, she left school in 1901 at the age of 18 to work with a local tailor. During this time, she began to design hats, which attracted the attention of the elite, including her lover French millionaire Ettiene Balsan–her gateway to high Parisian society. In 1910, she started her boutique. After World War I, she entered the spotlight on the fashion scene by using common fabrics and plain designs to create elegant and unique minimalist styles. Chanel died in 1971, yet her name continues to live in the fashion world. Still today, her famous perfume, Chanel No. 5, enjoys popularity. Chanel, being famous for introducing pants to women’s fashion, is the only person in the haute couture field to be named by TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.
2. Calvin Klein. Born Calvin Richard Klein, he was one of several designers raised in the Jewish immigrant community, amongst Robert Denning, Ralph Lauren, etc. He studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Though he did not graduate, the New York fashion institute considered him as one of their notable alumni, awarding him an honorary Doctorate in 2003. Calvin Klein started designing coats in 1968. After a year, he appeared on the cover of Vogue. He designed wardrobes to answer the needs of women to dress for any occasion. He launched his first company in 1968, and since then has diversified his product line to include clothes, perfumes and jewelries.
3. Ralph Lauren. Notable for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing line, he started in humble beginnings as a road salesman for a neck-wear manufacturer. In 1967, he launched his Polo ties, but his pinnacle of fame and success started when his design was used in the 1974 movie of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic “The Great Gatsby” starring Robert Redford. Presently, according to ForbesMagazine, Ralph Lauren is the 224th richest person in the world, with estimated riches of $2.8 billion.
4. Yves Saint Laurent. Born in Algeria, this French designer is considered as one of the greatest and most influential persons in the fashion world. Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, most popularly known as Yves Saint Laurent, is considered the pioneer of ready-to-wear fashion. He updated 1920’s fashion when he first conceptualized the RTW scene. In 1966, Yves made another fashion mark when he introduced power suits for women, specifically for the career woman, and smoking jackets for men. Saint Laurent was honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and became their first living designer to be given an award. Yves died on June 1, 2008 due to brain cancer.

As artists, fashion designers turn their creations into powerful forces in the society’s culture. Because of their designs, their names are known worldwide and will continue being known through the years.

How To Find a Dress for a Big School Dance

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One of the most awaited events in your high school life is the big school dance. Most women can not wait for that day to come because it seems to be the most important occasion of the entire school year. However, along with the excitement these young women are feeling, the pressure of catching everyone’s eyes is their main concern. Surrounded by many choices, it is very tough to pick the right dress, shoes and bag that will show your greatest assets, but without spending too much. So here are some tips on how to find the right dress and accessories for your big school dance.

Check your body shape. In picking a dress, you should know what your body type or shape is because it will be important in selecting the appearance of your dress. For instance, if you are tall, go for a longer dress. Pick an above the knee dress when you are shorter. If you have a bulky abdominal area, it is best to get a dress with a waistline that will go under your bust or your ribs.

Window-shop. Try to visit the mall two weeks before the school dance. Check on the current styles and familiarize yourself with the prices. Try on dresses with styles that compliment your body type.

Think of styles that enhance your best facets. You have the power to highlight your best features as well as diminishing your imperfections. Decide on what style you should go with. Select a style that makes your large hips slimmer. It is also important to keep an eye for the neckline of the dress. It is also important to compliment your hairstyle and make-up with the kind of dress you will wear.

Choose the right color. Avoid dresses with colors that will make you look like a lamp, such as neon colors. Go for red, brown and yellow dresses if your skin has gold tinge. Try wearing pastels if your skin has cool trace. On the other hand, nothing beats the colors white, black and gray because these flatter all skin tones.

Get a comfortable dress. It is a waste of time and money picking a stunning dress if you are not comfortable wearing it. Choosing a comfy dress will make you appear confidence. So no matter how terrific the dress would be if it does not make you feel good, move on and get another one. Always remember that if you do not feel good, you will not look good no matter how hard you try.

Seek cheaper alternatives. Who said that great dresses are found only in high end boutiques? You do not have to be extravagant in choosing a beautiful dress. Try shopping at department stores and second-hand boutiques for a drop-dead striking dress. Money should not be an issue in choosing a nice dress; it is how you decide for a flattering style.

Get a comfortable pair of shoes. Decide what pair of shoes matches your dress. Do not force yourself to walk on a 4-inch pin heel if you can’t, because you will never be able to move freely. Choose a pair of shoes with a suitable lower heel and let everybody see your new dance moves.

School dances can be terrifying. All the stress to ask someone special and trying to look hot can be hard. Just remember: dress your unique shape, be confident and have a fun and unforgettable moments with your friends or someone special.

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